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1. Geological services 

2. Mineral Exploration

3. GIS and Remote Sensing

4. Hydrogeological

5. Environmental
6. Technical Report Preparation

Complete Geospatial solution

1. Geological and Mineral Exploration

•Geological (Lithological and structural Mapping)
•Alteration zone mapping
•Mineral Potential zone mapping
•Lineament Mapping
•GIS integration of Remote Sensing, Geological, Geophysical, Geochemical, Hydro-geological and Environmental data. Data Processing and interpretation.

2. GIS and Remote Sensing

•GIS data conversions from different sources
•Integration of GIS, CAD and GPS
•Assistance in enquiry for and purchase of satellite images from various international vendors
•Orthorectification (geometrical correction) of satellite imageries
•Accurate Georeferencing of maps, toposheets etc
•Digitisation of geological maps, toposheets, cadastral maps, soil maps etc
•Elevation data mapping

3. Hydrogeological

•Drainage Mapping
•Ground water depth contouring
•Land-use/Land-cover Mapping
•Lineament Mapping
•Lithological Mapping
•Geomorphological Mapping
•GIS Analysis for Water shed management and Ground Water Potential mapping

4. Environmental

•Preparation of Base Map
•Landuse/Landcover Mapping
•Geomorphological mapping
•Hydro-geological mapping and analysis
•Preparation and maintenance of Database for EIA Studies

Forestry GIS Management and suitable livelihood development
Corridor Mapping, Biodiversity mapping
Change detection, Environment Impact assessment studies, identifying sites for eco-restoration, fire mapping

•Geological models and Exploration techniques
•GIS and RS techniques for Mineral potential Mapping

5. Technical Report Preparation